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The fun of manipulating stringers of glass.
You can do this technique with Coe 90 and Coe 96 and it is real relaxing to do.

The equipment I use is
- 3” diameter candle or a kerosene lamp.
- small hand pliers
- a tube of tooth paste
- matches
- a glass cutting board like we might use in our home kitchen
- safety glasses
- gloves that are comfortable or I use my bare hands, but beware that burns can happen......!
- we can use a double thick piece of window glass also that is at least 20" x 16".
- glass stringers in the Coe that I will be using them with

I light the candle and hold the glass stringer in my left hand over the flame
-        Not in the flame, but above the flame.
-        The glass begins to warm and becomes flexible.
-        I gently take a hold of the warm area of the stringer with the pliers in my right hand.
-        Then I gently push to make the stringer fatten
-        Then I pull gently to make the stringer thin out

The tooth paste is in case I burn myself.  
-        When I burn myself I put a dab of the toothpaste on the burn …….
-        That makes the burn stop from penetrating further and takes the sting of the burn out.

Holy shooting glass
-        If we push or pull too hard prior to the glass being soft enough to move
       it can brake and shoot away or towards you.  
-        If the glass does shoot away then pick it up quickly using a plier or tweezer
       so that it does not burn the area it lands on.
* Our natural reaction is to pick it up with our hand quickly.
That is not a good idea as it is still hot from being in the flame.

Here is another way as well to create the strings.
That process is called Vitrigraph.
I do create Vitrigraphed glass as well.
I will share Vitrigraphing in the future…….

Heating strings of glass and Vitrigraphing techniques are fun and mesmerizing to do…..
It is like stoking a fire with a stick when we go camping.

**Glass Noodles take more heat and can be heated using a Hot Head with Mapp Gas……….!

If you have a vigor for learning and wish to have more information on Lampworking Glass then do use your Google
search or visit this nice link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lampworking